Chris Eveland

CHRIS EVELAND is the band’s lead guitarist. Chris’ early musical memories are of his grandfather, piano tuner and talented pianist Denis C Sharpe, sitting on his lap hearing amazing melodies and arrangements, and feeling pure joy in the moment. Chris fell in love with Van Halen when he received his first Walkman for his birthday as a kid, which led him to his second love, playing the guitar. He has had a formidable career already, playing with many bands, opening for names like Colin James, Alannah Myles, and Bare Naked Ladies, and touring and recording with Canadian Idol winner Aaron Walpole. Chris’ deep passion for performance shows in his musicianship and ability to draw out the soul of the piece he is playing. He was exposed to Abba on family road trips to Algonquin Park in Ontario, and One of Us became his favourite song, finding the harmonies unbelievable.