Andrea Valois

ANDREA VALOIS portrays Anni-Frid in lead vocals. Andrea cites music as having been a formative part of her personality, and as she’s changed throughout her life, her music has changed with her. An accomplished vocalist, Andrea’s musical career has taken her from Ottawa to New York to Los Angeles to write and record with internationally known musicians and producers leading to a number of CD recordings. Her original composition “I Can Only Hear the Rhythm” was chosen as the theme song for the Hollywood film “Just Write.” Her years of hard work and training are evident in her live or recorded music, with lush romantic feels and rhythmic style enabling Andrea to share her art with a range of audiences in the form of pop, soul, and rock.  Her favourite ABBA song is Like An Angel Passing Through My Room for its emotive but simplistic approachwhere it showcases the essence of the voice and a well-crafted melody.